Impressed by the Shadows and Gene Vincent seen at the festival "Rock accross the Channel" in Calais in 1961-1962, I decided to learn bass guitar and then I played with "Les Costers" and "Les Beethoven's", Rock'n Roll groups from Boulogne-sur-Mer, in the north of France.
It was the time of many english rock groups, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Who, Kinks...
I discovered the Swinging London with my girlfriend Brigitte who just came in England to improve her English.


brigitte godfrin costers bethoven's
top : left: Gene Vincent in Calais 1962 - right: my band the Costers in Le Touquet 1964
Centre : left: Gerard Ducouret, myself, Brigitte Godfrin - right: Brigitte Godfrin 1966
            bottom : left: my band the Beethoven's - right: myself with the Beethoven's, Le Touquet 1967

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